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Googs Track is 120 kilometres of 4wd track traversing part of the Yellabinna Conservation Park. It runs north south from the dingo proof fence north of Lone Oak, 40 km north of Ceduna , South Australia to Tarcoola on the East-West railway line. It is a popular adventure trek for 4wd enthusiasts, crossing 363 east west running sand dunes and is often compared to a ‘mini Simpson crossing’.

Googs widow, Jenny Denton has written a book detailing the making of the track, filled with humour and the trials and tribulations of their 4 years road building.
Goog would often sit on the verandah at their farm Lone Oak and gaze out into the never ending bush beyond the northern boundary of their farm and say “ I wonder what is out there Mother”, his endearing term for Jenny.

As you will read, he set about finding out and successfully pushed a track through, completing it in 1976. Along the way they discovered all sorts of spectacular natural formations which have been and continue to be visited and enjoyed by hundreds of people.

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